What´s going on in our Vacation House


This year we have completed the exchange of heating throughout the house and therefore we can offer our holiday home for rent even during the winter season. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of South Bohemia during the Christmas holidays or in the other winter months.

Today we finished the summer season of 2018. It is time to make the garden and pool every year and prepare the house for the winter. In October and November, we plan to introduce a central heating system with a gas boiler throughout the house, which will allow the year-round rental of our house.

Po náročné rekonstrukci se nám podařilo dostat původní kamna z roku 1920 opět do původní formy. Není nic krásnějšího než odpočinout si na prohřáté peci, která udrží teplo několik hodin - úžasná práce.